Change I +II


Change  is hard. We like what we’re used to, whether that’s food, music or ideas. We can get used to things that are obviously harmful – smoking cigarettes, abusive relationships, junk food – and because we’re used to them, it’s really hard to change that. We’ve wired that familiar thing into our brain, and it takes some time and effort to re-wire a brain. Fortunately for us, it can be done. Don’t believe anyone who says your brain is hard wired for anything.


“Change is the only constant in the Universe”. So we should all get used to it! Nothing lasts forever, although we ourselves last such a short time that suns and galaxies seem eternal. Even the mountains that are constantly squeezing higher and wearing away, seem eternal from our view point. (Except volcanoes, when they suddenly and irrevocably change in a matter of months or days). Everything changes.

(The same every day).